Wednesday, 25 April 2012

We are Slytherins!

A few hours ago I made a second account on Pottermore.
I wanted to check if I am an original Slytherin, or if I'm a Slythindor, Slythenclaw or Slytherpuff.
So, I roamed through the first 6 chapters quite quickly (I've already passed them 5 times, if we count the ones I was coaching my cousins on how to proceed) and reached Chapter 7.
Even the wand I made with that second account was totally different. I wanted to see where other choices would lead me.

But when I reached the Sorting Ceremony, I took the sorting quiz again as honestly as I could!
Thankfully, almost half of the questions weren't answered through my original account.

And, yet again my result was: SLYTHERIN

Oh yeah! I'm an original Slytherin! And very proud about it.

But, if you wish to check for yourselves don't get surprised or ashamed or anything else, if you get a different house. Slytherin shares many common traits with other houses as I've already emphasized on my previous post.

Haha, and don't forget to check the following track and videoclip.
So awesome!

Go go Snakessss!


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