Friday, 20 April 2012

House Points

Right now, 20 April 2012, at 2:17pm, the House Points, as displayed on The Great Hall of Pottermore, show that Slytherin is on the lead with over 30 million points. Gryffindor, whom rise was very sudden and rather unexpected, is second, with Ravenclaw closely following. Hufflepuff is last (but, not least).
For more details:

Slytherin: 30,157,966
Gryffindor: 29,697,072
Ravenclaw: 29,367,001
Hufflepuff: 25,898,393

According to various rumors, people make many accounts in order to enter the House of their preference. Which, most of the time, is Gryffindor.
According to more rumors, Gryffindor students make more accounts to enter and sabotage other Houses.
I don't know which is true, and which is not, (although I do know that the first rumor is correct,) but if anyone wishes to win in that way, well, they just don't deserve it!

And, Slytherin isn't going to fall without a battle.
Go Snakes!


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