Wednesday, 19 August 2009

*Scratches her head*

The Naruto Boyfriend Quiz!
Your Result: Shikamaru

LAZY LAZY LAZY but kind. He might seem unwiling to do anything but he prefers to and just watch the clouds go by. I bet with you at his side he'll enjoy it even more!

The Naruto Boyfriend Quiz!
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Magical power!

What Magical Power Should You Have?
Your Result: Super Speed

Awesome! Now you can finally beat your school track record! After so many years of being .1 second off you can finally show what you're made of! But you should also use on people who need help. WE can all tell you're being a little selfish but it's okay go help the WORLD!

Time Freezer
Mind Reader
What Magical Power Should You Have?
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Fire Bird [Like Phoenix?]

What magical creature are you?
Your Result: Fire Bird

You are a Fire Bird. You are kind but no one knows that because they will not go near you. You accidentaly set towns and buildings on fire. You do not mean to but that is your nature.

What magical creature are you?
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Name's Melody! Nice to meet you!

What Is Your Other Name? For Girls ONLY!
Your Result: Melody

Your other name is Melody! Congratulations! The name Melody means melody and the origin is English. Found this at Go there and check it out! Nice job, Melody!

What Is Your Other Name? For Girls ONLY!
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Energy is my Power!

What power do you have?
Your Result: energy

energy is when you could steal other peoples energy you can use for your self, you can blow objects with the energy ray, back people up with a energy ball, you can travel as a energy ball, you can levitate.

shape shifting (animal)
What power do you have?
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Wind! Pali! Olo anamesa se Aera k Nero eimai!

which element are you?
Your Result: wind

you are really in tune with the world! you are the force that makes everything work! you dont let blockades stop you from reaching your goals! you think of ways to beat these blocks!

which element are you?
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Paranormal Experience!

What Paranormal Experience Am I Most Likely To Have?
Your Result: Imaginary Prescence

All you Horror-Movie watchers like myself are most likely to have this encounter. You may think the walls are moving, or think you can see a figure while asleep in bed, but it is just your mind playing tricks on you. You also may have the feeling you are being stalked or watched.

Seeing A Friendly or Family Ghost
Being Followed By A Demon
Seeing A Ghost
Seeing The Devil, or Gargoyles.
What Paranormal Experience Am I Most Likely To Have?
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Emotional Pain!

Which type of pain gets to you the most? :)
Your Result: Emontional pain

You are self conscious about yourself, you are you! and dont forget it. Nobody can be you! no mattar how good of an actor. They dont' know what goes on inside your head! You are special and beautiful inside and out!
If people calll you names..... Screw them!
They have no right! They don't know you as well as you do!
Everyone is special in their own way!

Physically emotional pain
Physical pain
Which type of pain gets to you the most? :)
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New Moon Trailer (fanmade)

NEW MOON trailer #2 (FANMADE remastered)

valkyria chronicles OVA 1~ The Beach [HD] 720p

SOS 3ana!


Fternismatologio pali!

Update 10/3/2012
Για όποιον ενδιαφέρεται για την ολόκληρη εκδοχή του φτερνισματολογίου παραπέμπεται στο


Prin kana misawro [kati ligotero vsk] fternisthka k m vghke oti 8 xw "XARUMENO SAVVATOKURIAKO" [st akuro edelws!]

K tr p fternisthka m vghke oti "M EPI8UMEI K M 8ELEI PL"

Ti glukulhs!!!


Buhuhuhu! Molis fternisthka pali k m etuxe "T EXEI M ALLH" Maaaaaaa,gt vleee STLANGEL?!? *Cries hard...*


[Yesterday at 7pm]

Friday, 14 August 2009

Again EMO!

What stereotype do you belong to?
Your Result: Emo

writes poetry, cries a lot, single, wears a lot of black, dyed hair black, wears hair in front of their face, would rather be alone than with people, has a myspace to meet other emo people

No stereotype
What stereotype do you belong to?
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What will your children be like?
Your Result: one boy and twin girls

your little boy will be called harry, he will have dark brown hair and blue eyes and fair skin, he will be born on the 18th of november and will grow up to be an extremely successful film producer.
two years later you will have identical twin girls, lucia and bea, they will both have lighter brown hair and green eyes and will be born by c section, three weeks early on the 29th of august. Lucia will grow up to be a supermodel and Bea will be a well known interior designer. they will all grow up healthily and have children of their own.

non identical triplets
two girls
a girl and a boy
one girl
six children
two boys
identical triplets
What will your children be like?
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How I'll die!

How will I die?
Your Result: You will die in a car accident.

Please, continue to buckle up, and try not to speed. More likely than not, it will happen very randomly and quickly. Occasionally, this result stands for death in a plane crash. Do not fear transportation. Avoid becoming a hermit, you cannot escape fate.

You will die from a terminal illness.
You will die in a nuclear holocaust.
You will die while saving someone's life.
You will die while having sex.
You will be murdered.
You will die in your sleep.
You will die of boredom.
How will I die?
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Emo? Preppy?

Emo? Preppy? Or what are you??
Your Result: Emo.:)

Your emo! your an emotional kind of person, and u unconditionally care for your friends and girl/boyfriends.
You dont really care too much for popularity, and the people that are your friends look up to you a lot.

Emo? Preppy? Or what are you??
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"Alive, if that's what I am." - NEW MOON(Volterra)

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Charmed Movie: Prue Comes Home

Charmed Opening Credits Season 1-8

At the sea + Underwater

Charmed Opening Credits.

CORIVA VILLAGE [ekei.mename]

Ierapetra [Summer.Holidays]

Feggaratsi m labro!

Phygame diakopules stn Ierapetra 1.8-8.8.2oo9

EtC einai t vradatsi!

Auto einai t dhmotiko p t ekanan parking gia tr t kalokairatsi!

Fainomai mesa apo tn tzamaria enos magaziu!

^ Dromoi ^

^ Pezodromoi ^

Oles oi kafeteries k oi tavernes htan dipla st 8alassa!

Ade, k t xronu m t kalo!!!